Artist Profile: Kate Bowen

Here’s another post about a project I did this past year….

Kate Bowen

I first met Kate back in 2009 when I was working in Bethesda and we instantly hit it off. Kate was a local theater actress who had big dreams of moving to Hollywood one day. That was also the same year I decided to graduate from a hobbyist photographer to a “professional” (giggle). Kate was one of the first people who actually paid me for my work. Her trust in my abilities really helped me build confidence in my work. Today I read the blog post from 2009 that I wrote about our first shoot together and I smiled. Why? Well, almost 4 years later… Kate is now living in Hollywood and has been living her dream as an actress artist. I’m so proud and honored to still call her a friend and it is inspiring to see her doing what she loves.

This past year Kate was in town visiting family. We got together for lunch one day and before we knew it, an updated photo shoot was beginning to develop (pun lol). Kate mentioned shooting at the newly opened Livingsocial 918 F Street building in DC. She had taken a wine and painting class there and raved about how beautiful the space was. A few phone calls and emails later, we had permission to shoot inside. Although it had been years since we had worked together, Kate and I still had great creative chemistry together. Her cousin Libby was also on hand to do make up. She did a fantastic job!

Thanks to Livingsocial for granting us permission to use such a beautiful space. Check their site out for various classes.

Lastly, Thank you Kate! As always I appreciate your friendship and wish you continued success out in Hollywood. Be sure to keep tabs on this talented artist. Check out her web site for more info. Here is her IMDb page as well.

And without further adieu… the photos:

DSC_5495-Edit DSC_5545-Edit DSC_5563-Edit DSC_5611-Edit DSC_5627-Edit DSC_5678 DSC_5697-Edit-2 DSC_5707-Edit DSC_5813-Edit


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